Holy Land Playmat

 Double-sided reversible vegan leather mat that tells the stories of the Gospels with kid-friendly symbols.


Product Details

Medium: 36in x 46in

Large: 52in x 76in 

One side printed with stories and symbols of the Gospels.

i.e. the boat in the water - Jesus calls the fishermen as his disciples / Jesus walks on water
the cacti - Jesus' 40 days in the desert
the crosses on a hill - Calvary hill where Jesus' crucifixion took place

Reverse side is a gorgeous camel brown vegan leather with a hook for easy storage hanging.

Comes packaged in a gorgeous box with waves of mercy cutouts to show the mat peeking through.

Includes a 'Way of the Pilgrim Guide' booklet, which explains each symbol on the playmat and the accompanying bible verse as well as reflection questions for parents or caretakers to use as a way to teach or for their own self-reflection.

Premium look + feel
Wipeable + water-resistant
Soft + sturdy construction


Care instructions

Wipe down only with a gentle cloth. Do not wash in washing machine or place in dryer.


Pairs well with

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